Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel 2-Way V Ball Valves [1/2″ to 8″]

The V Series Modulating Ball Valves are designed for control of your flow media. Options include 4-20 MA, 3-15 PSI and are available in ½” through 4″ Sizes. Various end connections are available such as NPT, Socket Weld, Tri-Clamp, 150# Flanged, and 300# Flanged. The throttling part of the ball valve is constructed from a solid SS ball, not a seat insert. V Series Ball Valves are characterized to meet your custom flow requirements.

The V Series is ideal for use in Commercial and Industrial Process Applications including maintaining flow rates for continuous batch operation, controlling pressure for liquid filling lines, controlling discharge temperature of a heat exchanger with a steam feed line, maintaining level in a tank, and controlling heat jacket temperature.

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