Model 1000-OCB

Oil Supply to CentrifugeOil supply should be taken from a source as close to the
lube oil pump discharge as possible and on the dirty side
of the full flow oil filter. A 3/4” NPT pipe or #12 hose supply
should be used for supply with a full-opening ball valve
installed in supply line to allow the centrifuge to be isolated
for cleaning without shutting the engine down. The centrifuge
will operate efficiently at 30 to 90 psig with the preferred
pressure of 60 to 80 psig. Below 30 psig, an internal
idle cutout valve will close to prevent low oil pressure
during low engine RPM.
Clean Oil Return to Sump
The oil drain line should be free of any shut-off valves.
Using Oil Control Base (OCB) Preferred
The oil control base, Part # COCB-01 permits the Model
1000 centrifuge to be installed in any convenient location
near the engine. The clean oil drain line to the sump should
be a 1- 1/2” minimum diameter, unrestricted hose or pipe.
A 1-1/2” connection located above the oil level is preferred.
Alternate oil fill openings or drilled-and-tapped holes in
crankcase doors are options that can be used. A below
oil-level-return will require the use of a 1 1/2” check valve,
Part # C300-24, located at the OCB oil outlet connection
to prevent back-flow when the centrifuge is being serviced.
Only low pressure drop check valves are permitted in the
drain line, manual shut-off valves should never be used on
the drain line.
The OCB controls the oil flow from the centrifuge back to
the engine and insures the centrifuge reaches maximum
speed and efficiency. To accomplish this, the OCB uses a
very small volume of compressed air; approximately 0.02
SCFM. The OCB is capable of receiving compressed air
from any 5 to 400 psig source. If there is no compressed
air available it may be possible to use turbocharger air or
air from a positive displacement blower. Instructions for this
type of installation are available from your SPIN-CLEAN™
Using Gravity Drain Engine Mounting Only
For gravity drain without the OCB, the SPIN-CLEAN™ centrifuge
must be close-coupled to the engine sump using an
unrestricted 4” I.D. drain back into the engine above the
engine normal oil level. A crankcase door, inspection cover,
etc. can be modified to provide a suitable oil return back
into the engine. The drain is correct if you can drop in a 4”
diameter ball and it can freely roll through the drain line
into the engine.
Mounting Considerations
SPIN-CLEAN™ Centrifuges are high-speed devices and
should be securely mounted to prevent excessive vibration.
Model 1000 may be installed up to 15 degrees from vertical.

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