GSI-2570 Float & Tape Tank Gauge

Sometimes referred to as a “Mechanical gauge”, “Automatic tank gauge”, or “Float & Tape tank gauge”, the GSI-2570 is used to measure the level (or interface) of product within a liquid storage tank.
Why buy the GSI 2570? It is specifically designed to eliminate many operational and maintenance problems found within other Float & Tape gauges, thus providing reliability and reducing maintenance cost over other manufacturers’ mechanical gauges.

Basic Functionality: Changes in liquid level cause the float to travel up or down on the product. The float is physically connected to a perforated tape. The counter balance spring keeps the perforated tape taut as it extends and retracts from the gauge head, actuating the counter assembly and viewable counter indication (level).

Applications: The GSI-2570 is a low-pressure gauge, suitable for installation on tanks with working pressure up to 50 psig. Applications are found within all types of process industries; oil, chemical, electrical, pharmaceutical, food, and water industries.

Packaging: The GSI-2570 is available as a gauge head to replace older or broken gauges. The GSI-2570 is also available in gauge kits to meet specific physical tank construction (types), product service, or application use. The GSI-2670 gauge is similar to the 2570 model, but includes a crank handle to lift the Float or Displacer.

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