GSI-2550 Magnetic Level Gauge

The GSI-2550 is a low cost mechanical tank gauge for tanks 24 feet in height or smaller. The gauge is a closed system and is not affected by exposure to vapors or product while the tank is in service. There are no guide wires, tapes, top or bottom anchors, thus, no in tank servicing required.

The GSI-2550 is designed for applications such as production tanks, chemical tanks, additive tanks, sumps, boilers, fuel oil tanks, small marketing tanks (jobbers), field / fleet tanks, etc. The only limitations to the GSI- 2550 Gauge are tank heights in excess of 24 feet, product with metallic particles (some applications), or extremely viscous products (consult GSI).
Closed system, no product vapors within the gauge head
50% fewer mechanical gauge parts
No top anchors, bottom anchors, or guide wires
Supports Limit Switches, Analog, and Digital Transmitters
Theory of Operation:

A donut shaped float rides on the product, held in linear vertical alignment by a 1” guide tube. Inside both the float and the tube are magnets of opposite polarity, which couple the float with the magnet assemb ly within the tube.

The movement of the float drives the magnet assembly within the tube. The magnet assembly is coupled to a stainless steel wire pulley assembly which in turn drives the counter mechanism in the head
of the gauge.

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