Floating Roof Tanks – Spill Prevention

Specifically designed for Floating Roof Tanks (Internal and External roofs) with Flexible Sensing Element 700-0005-594
Field Adjustable lengths from 1′ to 18′ (0.3 to 5.48 m) 12″ to 216″ (305mm to 5486 mm)
Wetted Parts: 316SS 3/4″ NPT Mounting, 3/16″ FEP insulated flexible and adjustable cable, Non-Sparking Brass Sensor.

Alarm trip points with any contact of internal or external roof.
Alarm trip points in “Sunken Roof” applications with less than 1″ product.
One system will fit most floating roof tank application needs, reducing field spares.
Intelligent Electronics

Meets API 2350 regulations.
For use in safety related systems with requirements for functional safety for SIL2 (SIL 3 with Redundant Switch) In accordance to IEC61508-2, Sec. 1999 (Conforms to SIL, FMEDA Requirements – Exida)
No calibration or setpoint adjustments.
Automatically recognizes and ignores coatings to prevent false alarms.
Continuous Self-Test monitors circuits and sensing elements for faults
Remote or Integral Electronics

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