9100 Threaded

The Mercer Valve 9100 Series Pressure ReliefValve is “State of the Art” in soft seat, high flow
rate, pressure relieving devices. The 9100 Series
is a continuation of the 8100 Series incorporating
our patented “Auto Seat Technology”® into its
design. Mercer Valve’s “Auto Seat Technology“®
has made the 9100 Series an industry leader with
its reliable, repeatable set pressures. The patented
soft seat design and fully guided disk allow the
valve to continually outlast the competition. The
soft seat 9100 Series has a field-proven lip seal
design, which allows for a tighter seal up to set
pressure. This tight seal reduces leaks and limits
product loss.
9100 Series Threaded Features
• Designed with “Auto Seat Technology”®.
• Consistent Set Pressures allowing repeatable uses without repair or resetting.
• Open, Close, Seat and SealTM.
• Fully guided disk keeps the disk properly aligned, opening and closing, helping to
reseat the valve.
• Mechanical Stop prevents wear on parts and controls valve lift.
• Low rated and fully guided spring allows for more consistent set pressures from pop
to pop.
• Pop Action relief allows valve to go to full lift at set pressure. Helps with DOT
regulated applications.
• Built in accordance with the requirements of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.
Sec. VIII Div 1.
• Non-rising stems allowing valves to be installed in small areas.
The 9100 Series is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel
Code, Section VIII, Division 1 for Air/Gas and Liquid service. The 9100 Series is well suited for specialty gases,
compressors, separators, transmission, gathering lines and other production processes.

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