3-Way Diverter Port Valve

Whether the application is in a chemical plant, paper mill, food plant, manufacturing environment, or other industrial setting, PBM’s line of Industrial Valves can handle any type of rigorous and general purpose applications.3-Way valve with an integral side-entry or bottom entry common port. Seats shall provide both upstream and downstream bubble-tight seal and be adjustable for in-line wear.
A single Diverter Port can replace two or three 2-Way valves to reduce cost and space.
A Diverter Port valve can be an economical alternative to a 3-Way multi-port valve, depending on the sealing requirements.
An excellent choice for mounting two relief valves from a common pressure source.
Adjust-O-Seal® design allows the valve seat seal to be restored in-line to a leak-tight condition to compensate for normal seat wear.
Swing out/Lift out Design for easy removal and installation.
Live-loaded stem packing
Full port
Stem assembly accommodates PBM Direct Mount Actuation for accurate alignment and increased cycling life.
*Note: Cv is defined as the number of U.S. gallons of water per minute, at ambient temperature, that will flow through a valve at 1 psi pressure drop.

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