3, 4, & 5-Way Multi-port Valves

Whether the application is in a chemical plant, paper mill, food plant, manufacturing environment, or other industrial setting, PBM’s line of Industrial Valves can handle any type of rigorous and general purpose applications.
4- and 5-way Multi-Ports are true multi-port valves with seals at every port. This design makes the multi-port ideal for flow switching operations. In some applications, this valve can replace as many as four ordinary 2-way valves, with corresponding savings in piping and fittings.

Adjust-O-Seal® design allows the valve seat seal to be restored in-line to a bubbletight condition, to compensate for normal seat wear.
Spring-loaded washers create a live-loaded stem assembly for positive sealing.
Full-port diameters minimize pressure drops (1/2 – 1″, 1-1/2 – 2″).
Standard bottom-entry stem provides protection from inadvertent stem removal.
Indexed ball and stem eliminate incorrect reassembly following routine maintenance.
Having either four or five seats ensures tight closure under pressure differentials up to 300 psig. The Series 5 Multi-Port is offered as 150# (275 psig CWP maximum) that do not require the 300# class (720 psig CWP maximum) offered with Series 4.
Multiple seating in a true Multi-Port valve enables shutoff and directional control in a single valve. Multi-Port valves are ideal for recirculation, mixing, and blending operations.
In some processes, a single Multi-Port ball valve can replace several 2-way valves in a piping system, reducing costs and simplifying flow control with actuation. Multi-Port valves can also be tandem or manifold mounted to further centralize control.
Transflow (the gradual media flow that occurs as one port opens as another closes) prevents dead-heading and damage to pumps. Note: Transflow will not occur on some bottom entry flow patterns.

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